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Advocacy Tips

Know your Legislators

  • Find the names and contact information for your legislators. Click on their name, to see their specific information.

  • Get familiar with the legislators who serve on committees affecting community colleges (e.g. Senate and House Appropriations Committees and Subcommittees, Higher Education, Elections)

Know your Legislation

  • Search for a bill by keyword or bill number. Check the History to see a bill’s status (you may need to scroll down.) Once there, you may also see how your legislator voted on a bill by noting where it says Passed Roll Call (House or Senate) and clicking on the journal page number listed (i.e. SJ 94).
  • Check upcoming committee hearings and sign up for committee meeting notifications related to your area of interest.
  • Visit the MCCA’s Bill Watch page to learn about bills affecting community colleges and where they are in the legislative process.

Writing to Legislators

  • Personal Contact Information: Always use your home address on both the letter and the envelope. Avoid using school or college email accounts or letterhead.
  • Formatting: Send typewritten letters or emails. Ensure they are well-edited and free of errors.
  • Addressing: Address legislators as "The Honorable _________" and use "Dear Senator ___________" or "Dear Representative ______________" as salutations.
  • Content:
    • Introduce yourself and your purpose succinctly.
    • Focus on one bill or issue, referring to the bill number if applicable.
    • Be concise, factual, and respectful.
    • Provide well-researched arguments and relate the issue to its impact on constituents, including educators, students, or schools.
    • Share a specific story to illustrate the bill's impact.
    • Offer to be a resource for more information.
    • Request a reply to understand the legislator's stance.
    • Include a thank you statement.

Follow up with Legislators

  • Sending a thank you note after a meeting, campus visit or supporting legislation can leave a lasting impression.

Participate in Capitol Day

  • Join the MCCA for our annual Capitol Day where members meet with legislators in Lansing and use their voice to share why it is important to support community and tribal colleges.

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