The 2023-2024 Executive Committee


The Executive Committee of the Association includes the officers of the Trustees Committee, the officers of the Presidents Committee, the immediate past Chairperson of the Association, and the President of MCCA. Changes in some of these positions take place in July of each year.

The MCCA Executive Committee provides planning and strategic direction for the Association, representing and acting for the Board between meetings. Duties include recommending an annual budget to be approved by the Board of Directors, providing for an annual audit of all Association finances at the end of each fiscal year, planning the events and activities of the Association, and supervising and evaluating the MCCA President.

Beverly Walker-Griffea

Beverly Walker-Griffea

Past Chair
Mott Community College
Robert Proctor

Robert Proctor

Lansing Community College
Peter Provenzano

Peter Provenzano

Vice Chair
Oakland Community College
Irene Watts

Irene Watts

Trustees Vice-Chair
Henry Ford College
Marshall Washington

Dr. Marshall Washington

Presidents Vice-Chair
Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Tim Hood

Tim Hood

Mid-Michigan College
Scott Ward

Scott Ward

Member At-Large
West Shore Community College
Don Crandall

Don Crandall

Member At-Large
Muskegon Community College
Joy Hopkins

Joy Hopkins

Member At-Large
Trustee Representative
Bay College
Duane Bedell

Duane Bedell

Member At-Large
Bay Mills Community College
Brandy Johnson

Brandy Johnson





Years Title Name College
2022-2023 President Beverly Walker-Griffea Mott Community College
2021-2022 Trustee Chris Bott Northwestern Michigan College
2020-2021 President Dale Nesbary Muskegon Community College
2019-2020 Trustee John Crist Jackson College
2018-2019 President Kojo Quartey Monroe County Community College
2017-2018 Trustee Douglas Jacobson Mid Michigan College
2016-2017 President Cameron Brunet-Koch North Central Michigan College
2015-2016 Trustee Carol Deuling-Ravell Montcalm Community College
2014-2015 Chancellor Timothy Meyer Oakland Community College
2013-2014 Trustee Mike Ennis  West Shore Community College
2012-2013 President Gary Wheeler Glen Oaks Community College
2011-2012 Trustee Mary Kay Thayer Monroe County Community College
2010-2011 President Tim Nelson Northwestern Michigan College
2009-2010 Trustee Jean Beckley  North Central Michigan College
2008-2009 President Conway Jeffress Schoolcraft College
2007-2008 Trustee Lenore Croudy Mott Community College
2006-2007 President Dan Phelan Jackson College
2005-2006 Trustee Eugene Hamaker Kellogg Community College
2004-2005 President Richard Pappas Lake Michigan College
2003-2004 Trustee Jan Maggini Grand Rapids Community College
2002-2003 President Frank Marczak Muskegon Community College
2001-2002 Trustee Steve Silcox Lake Michigan College
2000-2001 President Peter Boyse Delta College
1999-2000 Trustee Florence Stibitz Alpena Community College
1998-1999 President Paul Ohm Kellogg Community College
1997-1998 Trustee Anne Scott Oakland Community College
1996-1997 President Dorothy Franke Kirtland Community College
1995-1996 Trustee James Kelly Macomb Community College
1994-1995 President Donald Burns Montcalm Community College
1993-1994 Trustee Sharon Reid Lansing Community College
1992-1993 President Clyde LeTarte Jackson Community College
1991-1992 Trustee Robert Kent Kalamazoo Valley Community College
1990-1991 President Richard McDowell Schoolcraft College
1989-1990 Trustee Dean Sanders Lake Michigan College
1988-1989 President Richard Calkins Grand Rapids Community College
1987-1988 Trustee David MacKenzie Henry Ford Community College
1986-1987 President Gunder Myran Washtenaw Community College
1985-1986 Trustee Shirley Okerstrom Northwestern Michigan College
1984-1985 President Philip Ward Glen Oaks Community College
1983-1984 Trustee Annette Deibel Delta College
1982-1983 President Eugene Gillaspy Mid Michigan Community College
1981-1982 Trustee George Frye Kirtland Community College
1980-1981 President Richard Norris St. Clair County Community College
1979-1980 Trustee Nancy Blatt Schoolcraft College
1978-1979 President Harold Scheffer Jackson Community College
1977-1978 Trustee Donald Seifert Muskegon Community College
1976-1977 President Charles Pappas Mott Community College
1975-1976 Trustee Beatrice Doser Montcalm Community College
1974-1975 President Donald Carlyon Delta College
1973-1974 Trustee Norman Beauchamp St. Clair County Community College
1972-1973 President John Dimitry Macomb Community College
1971-1972 Trustee Fred Mathews Southwestern Michigan College
1970-1971 Trustee George Potter Jackson Community College
1969-1970 President David Ponitz Washtenaw Community College