MNJTP Overview

MNJTP Overview

The Michigan New Jobs Training Program is a local economic development initiative serving employers since 2008. The program authorizes community colleges to temporarily capture the state income tax withholding associated with newly hired workers to pay for training.

If your company is planning on expanding and adding new jobs in the state of Michigan, the program can provide the flexible funding to meet an assortment of employee training and development needs specifically designed for your business.

There is NO RESTRICTION on employer size or industry, and funds can be used for a broad range of training (from short-term contract training to certificates and degrees).


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Use of Funds

Funds can be used to pay for any direct training expenses, including:

Company Eligibility

Companies eligible for the Michigan New Jobs Training Program must meet the following requirements:


For a list of the Michigan New Jobs Training Program liaisons at your local community college campuses, please click here. You can also contact Dr. Adriana Phelan at the Michigan Community College Association at (517) 372-4350 or