Professional Learning Spaces

Welcome to the professional learning space! As a Student Success Advocate, you'll find a wealth of resources and tailored lessons aimed at addressing the key areas that matter most to community college professionals. Our diverse modules cover a wide range of subjects, providing you with valuable knowledge and effective strategies to meet your students' unique needs. Feel free to explore any module that aligns with your learning goals and interests. Remember to complete all the lessons within each module to earn your well-deserved certificate of completion.

*** To increase lesson accessibility, at the bottom of each lesson are various icons. Select the "CC" icon for closed captions and the ellipses to enlarge the lesson and enter into full screen mode.


Module 1: Gateway Course Success

The lessons within this module will support student success advocates in increasing equitable completion of college-level mathematics and English.

Lesson 1: Making the Case for Guided Self-Placement



Lesson 2: Guided Self-Placement: Recommendations from the Field



Lesson 3: Equitable Advising for Guided Self-Placement



Lesson 4: Collaborating and Communicating for Guided Self-Placement



Lesson 5: Introduction to Scaffolding



Lesson 6: Procedural Scaffolding and Mapping the Learning Process




Download Module 1 Certificate

Module 1 Certificate




Module 2: Transfer

The lessons within this module will encourage the development of strong relationships between colleges and universities to improve transfer student outcomes. 

Lesson 1: Using the Michigan Transfer Network



Lesson 2: Michigan Transfer Agreement Overview



Lesson 3: Improving Equitable Transfer Practices


Lesson 4: Sustaining Effective Relationships



Lesson 5: Data Deep Dive on Michigan Transfer Students



Lesson 6: MIHigher Education 101



Lesson 7: Faculty Role in Equitable Student Success



Lesson 8: Improvement Approaches



Download Module 2 Certificate

Module 2 Certificate




Module 3: Student Basic Needs

The lessons within this module encompass a variety of topics that will support community college personal in expanding strategies to connect students with public benefits and community resources.

Lesson 1: Understanding Student Basic Needs




Lesson 2: Conversation Starters Addressing Student Basic Needs




Lesson 3: Connecting Students to Campus Supports




Lesson 4: Connecting Students to Community Resources




Lesson 5: Supporting Student Mental Health Needs




Download Module 3 Certificate

Module 3 Certificate




Module 4: Career Exploration

The lessons within this module support college personnel in their efforts to help students explore careers and complete their programs.

Lesson 1: Analyzing Disaggregated Program Data

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Coming Soon



Lesson 2: Career Exploration Resources for Faculty

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Lesson 3: Expanding Knowledge of the Local Labor Market

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Coming Soon



Lesson 4: Exploring Diverse Careers

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Coming Soon



Lesson 5: Foundations of Equitable Advising, Onboarding, and Student Support

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Lesson 6: Supporting Faculty and Advisor Relationships

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Download Module 4 Certificate

Module 4 Certificate