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Spring 2024 Co-Req Deep Dive Virtual Workshops

During spring 2024, any full or part time math instructor in Michigan can participate in a virtual workshop series on math corequisites. Four 90-minute meetings will be held via Zoom on Fridays from 12:00-1:30, each with a specific focus on an aspect of teaching corequisites. Multiple facilitators will run the workshops to give a variety of perspectives and experiences. Attendees will be actively working at each workshop, not just listening and looking at slides.

No matter if you are a seasoned teacher of corequisites or new to them, there will be value for you. You will work on specific items that you’re interested in implementing in the fall semester 2024. The series will repeat with new sessions in the spring of 2025. This approach provides time to work with other faculty, brainstorm and plan adjustments you’d like to make, the summer to rest and do any additional planning (if needed), and the fall to execute on the changes. The approach provides continuous growth for you and your corequisite course.

Please click on the topics below to register for the workshops.

Making learning active: We’ll dive into what active learning is and is not (hint: it doesn’t have to include group work) as well as how to make it work for your style of teaching. We’ll look at the Building Thinking Classrooms approach as well as other specific tools to incorporate active learning into your corequisite classroom. You will leave with a class period template and weekly structure unique to you that incorporates the best practices of corequisite courses. March 29, 2024

Differentiating STEM and non-STEM corequisites: We’ll look at the differences in the content of these courses and how they rely on algebra (or don’t). We will develop a content approach for each type of course that incorporates prerequisite review and addresses key learning challenges. April 12, 2024

Serving all students: In this session, we will dive into the variety of students that take corequisites, such as high need learners, repeaters, students with wide ranging abilities in the same class, and those with additional and even non-academic needs. For each situation, tools and tips will be provided to help you work with the students better in the classroom or know what resources are available for referral. April 19, 2024

Two-way learning: Corequisites aren’t necessarily about instruction; they are about finding out what each student needs and meeting those needs in the moment. It’s a give and take process that can be new and even uncomfortable sometimes. Techniques will be shared to help you increase your toolkit of methods for informally assessing what students need and providing support in a feasible way. April 26, 2024


Spring 2024 Math Redesign Evaluation Intensive

Throughout spring 2024, colleges are invited to bring a small team to work through activities to evaluate your math redesign’s implementation and its effectiveness. Consultants from Almy Education will guide the work. Teams will come away with tangible next steps for improvement. 
All Michigan community and tribal colleges, no matter how far you are in the math redesign work, are encouraged to attend. Every college is still working to improve math. This intensive will make clear where there are strengths and successes as well as where challenges exist.

Five (5) 2-hour meetings will guide college teams through specific evaluation activities related to advising, registration, placement, testing (if used), courses, scheduling, learning support, communication, and data collection and review. 

Monthly office hours (1 hour each, held on weeks without meetings) to provide optional, individualized support to colleges as teams continue the work between meetings. 


Team composition: Include an academic administrator, a student success administrator, and a math faculty member at minimum. Teams of 6 or fewer are preferred.


Schedule and Links:

Evaluation Intensive Kickoff (1 hour)

Jan 25, 2 - 3 pm ET                    Register here

Intensive Meeting #1 (2 hours)

Feb 1, 1 - 3 pm ET                      Zoom link

Office hour

Feb 8, 2 - 3 pm ET                      Zoom link

Intensive Meeting #2 (2 hours)

Feb 15, 1 - 3 pm ET                    Zoom link

Office hour

Feb 29, 2 - 3 pm ET                    Zoom link

Intensive Meeting #3 (2 hours)

Mar 6, 1 - 3 pm ET                      Zoom link

Office hour

Mar 28, 2 - 3 pm ET                   Zoom link

Intensive Meeting #4 (2 hours)

Apr 3, 1 - 3 pm ET                     Zoom link

Office hour

Apr 11, 2 - 3 pm ET                   Zoom link

Intensive Meeting #5 (2 hours)

Apr 25, 1 - 3 pm ET                   Zoom link



Resources from 2023 Math Redesign Workshops:

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