Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy


Tentative Budget Agreement Reached: As has been widely reported, key legislators are very close to a budget agreement with the Administration that will likely see action this coming week in advance of the state’s fiscal year ending on September 30. All indications are that higher education and community colleges continue to be sticking points in the negotiation and are one of the greatest challenges that could stand in the way of a timely agreement. MCCA staff are hearing conflicting reports about what the agreement will mean for colleges but expect more information to become public very shortly.


Open Meetings Act Reminder: In recent weeks MCCA staff have fielded an increase number of questions about electronic meetings and compliance with Michigan's Open Meetings Act. Current law states that beginning April 1, 2021 and through December 31, 2021, public bodies may allow a member to participate and vote remotely ONLY due to military service or to a medical issue, which could include quarantine requirements. The meeting may also be conducted electronically due to a local state of emergency or disaster. Beginning January 1, 2022, the Act will ONLY permit electronic participate by board members due to military duty.


For boards that do allow one or more members to participate electronically, the Act lays out a number of provisions that must be met to ensure public participation. There are many questions the Act does not directly address, such as whether a staff member could participate remotely even if other members of the public did not have the option to do so. Please continue to consult with your college attorneys about the safest course of action.


August 2021 Tax Collections Up Compared To Year Prior: A strong housing market is to thank for higher year-over-year real estate transfer tax collections, the House Fiscal Agency said in its July 2021 revenue update released Tuesday. Overall, the state brought in $2.63 billion in August, $270.8 million more than in August 2020, bringing the fiscal year to date collections to $3.86 billion more than in the previous year.



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