Professional Associations

DEIB professionals will have the opportunity to foster a sense of camaraderie with peers across the state, exchange valuable insights, share best practices, cultivate a collaborative community, and serve as thought partners for one another.

Michigan Center for Student Success

The College Roadmap to imlementing the Food Assistnace Education and Training Program begins with this webinar. Discover actionable insights into the Food Assistance Education and Training Program (FAE&T), strategic approaches, and best practices to empower your institution to become a Plus Provider, unlocking additional financial resources and support for both students and the college itself. 

Legislative Committee

This meeting is for members of the MCCA Legislative Committee, but members of the MCCA Board of Directors may listen by contacting Michelle for the ZOOM link. 

Michigan Center for Student Success

More information will be shared closer to the event.

Student Success Committee
Michigan Center for Student Success

Making learning active: Dive into what active learning is and is not as well as how to make it work for your style of teaching.

Michigan Center for Student Success

Throughout spring 2024, colleges are invited to bring a small team to work through activities to evaluate your math redesign’s implementation and its effectiveness. Consultants from Almy Education will guide the work. Teams will come away with tangible next steps for improvement. 

Multi-Day Event

 Save the date. Please refer to the AACC website for registration. The MCCA will hold a reception yet to be determined for date and location. Please check back.

Professional Associations

Collaborate with other digital accessibility leaders to exchange insights, share optimal strategies, provide mutual assistance, and collectively develop tailored resources for Michigan's digital landscape.

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