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Digital Community Building

In the current era of social distancing, MCSS is convening its #MiStudentSuccess network in new digital spaces. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and join us as we foray into new digital communication spaces to expand our network of on-the-ground student success leaders. See below for more details.


MCSS invites all faculty, staff, and administrators working for #MiStudentSuccess to follow us on Twitter @MCCACSS and join us in tweeting about your student success efforts using the following hashtags as appropriate: #MiStudentSuccess, #MiFacultyLead, #MiTransferPathways, #MiRightMath, #MiBestCC and event-specific hashtags as announced. The videos here share details about our Twitter engagement efforts and offer a crash course in using Twitter for those who may be less familiar.

Mark your calendars for upcoming Twitter Tuesday lunchtime chats from 12-1PM on the following dates:

  • March 30 - #PTKProud: Celebrating #MiStudentSuccess Scholars

Check out our past Tweet Chats (full of great examples, tangible resources, and fun discourse):


We recently launched a Michigan Center for Student Success page on LinkedIn where we can continue our role connecting community college leaders from across the state of Michigan. We’re looking forward to sharing resources, articles, news, and sharing all of the great work at Michigan’s community colleges. We invite you to like, comment, and share!