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Collaborative Programs Group of Healthcare Students

About the Center for Collaborative Programs

The Collaborative Programs Initiative allows colleges to extend their certificate and degree opportunties within their communities at little or no cost to the institution.  By partnering with other Michigan community colleges, the costs for the program are shared equally among the colleges in the program - thus providing a stable and manageable option for many high-cost and lower-enrolled programs still needed within the college community.  Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) and Michigan Community College Association (MCCA)  provide oversight, infrastructure and act as fiscal agent for the Collaborative Programs Initiative.

PDF Doc How to Become a Collaborative Programs Initiative Member

New programs are considered for the Collaborative Programs Initiative, once the Program Scoping Document has been submitted.
Word Doc Program Scoping Document (Word doc)
Contact Dr. Amy Lee for information on how to get this process started.

The Michigan Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialties (MiRIS) Consortium is the first of the Collaborative Programs Initiatives and is focused on imaging modalities in the health field.
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The following programs are currently running:

For more information on these and other options within the Collaborative Programs Initiative - please contact:

Dr. Amy Lee
Executive Dean of Collaborative Programs/MRI Program Director