The project is a collaborative effort between the Michigan Community College Association and the Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities to enhance transfer student access at independent institutions, focusing on the liberal arts pathways.  The overall goal is to increase the number of transfer students completing a bachelor’s degree from independent institutions.  The project is generously funded by the Teagle Foundation and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

Activity #1:  Increase Independent Institution Participation in the Michigan Transfer Network, the Michigan Transfer Agreement, and the MiTransfer Pathways

Through this project, we will support independent institutions in Michigan to participate in the Michigan Transfer Network, the Michigan Transfer Agreement, and the MiTransfer Pathways. The MCCA and MICU will facilitate workshops and provide individualized and customized support to achieve these activities.


Activity #2:  Demystifying Independent Institutions and Community Colleges

Our strategy is to work with a broad array of community college stakeholders to clarify issues of price, selectivity, religious affiliation, accreditation, and labor market value.  We will also work with stakeholders at independent institutions to address perceptions of quality, rigor, students’ academic abilities, faculty qualifications, and accreditation.  The result will be a collection of resources including agendas, slide decks, customizable assets, reports, research summaries, and discussion guides.


Activity #3:  Develop Communication Guidelines for Michigan Community Colleges and Universities Supporting Transfer Students

In partnership with colleges and universities, the MCCA and MICU will create communication guidelines for Michigan community colleges and universities supporting transfer students.  These guidelines will incorporate research literature on effective communication with transfer students, practical guides published by national organizations, and Michigan-specific resources such as the Michigan Transfer Network.  The guidelines will also be informed by the stakeholders who can help the MCCA and MICU identify the most significant communication challenges for institutions and the greatest opportunities for support.

Additional Information

Contact Donna Petras at MCCA or Shannon Dunivon at MICU for additional information.


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