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Adapting Placement Practices

Using high school GPA to determine how much support students will need to succeed in college-level English and mathematics courses is a viable alternative to placement testing. Here are the slides from John Hetts' presentation at our 2019 Virtual Michigan Student Success Netowork meeting and some peer-reviewed research suggesting that students' self-reported high school GPA does not differ significantly from official transcripts.

Here's new post from the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin that pulls together recent research on the advantages--both in accuracy and equity--of using high school GPA for placement.

Faculty Resources from National Partners


A number of our national partners are introducing FREE resources including webinars, open forums and other materials to support faculty who are moving to remote instruction during the Covid 19 pandemic. Please check back frequently as we continue to curate these resources and add to this page.

Achieving the Dream

ATD has launched a webinar series designed to give faculty a place to learn from one another about how to support student success in a fully remote teaching and learning environment during the unprecedented closure of community college campuses across the United States.

The first webinar is archived here:

Information and registration for the series is available here:


Charles A. Dana Center

Transitioning Mathematics Courses to Virtual Teaching:  Join the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways' Joan Zoellner in a free “open forum” webinar series to discuss your questions and share strategies for success in transitioning your higher ed mathematics courses to virtual teaching.

How to Zoom: If you have decided to use Zoom for your remote higher ed teaching and are looking for guidance and ideas about how get started and use the variety of functions that Zoom offers, please join Joan's "How to Zoom" Virtual Office Hours. During these drop-in meetings, you can ask questions about settings, creating meetings and inviting students, using breakout groups, recording your sessions, and more.

Dates, Times and Registration for all of these sessions is available here:

New date/time added Wednesday April 8 at 4 pm:

The Dana Center will archinve recordingos of these webinars and has collected resources from colleagues across the country to support the transition to online learning. These resources are available at this link.


John N. Gardner Institute

The Gardner Institute is collecting resources including guidance for institutions participating in JNGI initiatives and processes as well as open formums and webinars offered to support faculty who are supporting learning during the Covid-19 emergency on this page: