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Reports and Publications

The MCSS creates reports and publications with support from our funders and key partners to support our initiatives and events.  Selected reports and publications are available below.  In addition, the MCSS maintains several affiliated websites with valuable resources for community college leaders including the Michigan Transfer Network, MiTransfer Pathways, Michigan Guided Pathways, and the Right Math at the Right Time.  


The Intersection of Economic Stability and Student Success


The Intersection of Economic Stability and Student Success

March 2021

This publication is a reflection of the work community colleges have made towards the building of systematic strategies that address the non-academic barriers to student success. This includes an overview of the MI-BEST Initiative, outlining the progress towards scaling economic stability practices, and insights gleaned from interviewed colleges.


Points of Pride:  Transfer Progress in Michigan


Points of Pride: Transfer Progress in Michigan

February 2021

This publication discusses the progress toward creating more accessible and equitable transfer pathways through the implementation of the Michigan Transfer Network and the MiTransfer Pathways. The report features six points of pride highlighting improvements at Michigan’s community colleges and explores our ongoing commitment to improving opportunities for transfer students.


Organizing, Supporting, and Continuing Guided Pathways in Michigan


Organizing, Supporting, and Continuing Guided Pathways in Michigan

September 2020

For the past six years, Guided Pathways has provided a framework for the various initiatives of MCSS. The three-year GPI 2.0 initiative is now coming to a close, but Guided Pathways work in Michigan will continue. This report is based on findings from a qualitative study of the 13 Mentor Circle colleges to determine how colleges organized the work of implementing Guided Pathways and how they plan to sustain and build on their progress.



Following Where MI Faculty Lead


Following Where #MIFACULTYLEAD

September 2020

This brief describes the evolution and latest learnings from Michigan’s faculty engagement efforts and foregrounds the insights of faculty from Michigan’s community colleges who have participated in MCSS events and roundtables.



Additional Publications and Reports

PDF icon Keeping Colleges on the Path: A Look at Michigan’s Guided Pathways Progress from 2017-2019 (September 2019)

PDF icon Postsecondary Transfer and Mobility in Michigan:  Exploring Transfer Patterns, Programs, Places, and People (August 2019)

PDF icon Building METC Degree Bridge Partnerships in Michigan (Fall 2019)

PDF icon The Right Math at the Right Time for Michigan:  “Coalition of the Willing” Strengthens Math Pathways in a Decentralized Higher Education System (March 2019)

PDF icon Guided Pathways: The Scale of Adoption in Michigan (January 2018)

PDF icon Skills Builders in Michigan Community Colleges (October 2017)

Powerpoint icon Michigan Credit When It's Due Digital Communication Kit (October 2017)

PDF icon Tracking Transfer:  CEPI's 2015-16 College Transfers Report (April 2017)

PDF icon Supporting Guided Pathways in Michigan:  Lessons Learned from Cohort I (March 2017)

PDF icon A Resource Guide on Translating Military Competencies into Academic Credit (December 2016)

PDF icon The Accelerated Learning Program in Michigan (November 2016)

PDF icon The Right Math at the Right Time:  Addressing Mathematics Challenges Facing Michigan Colleges and Universities (October 2016)

PDF icon Tracking Transfer:  Sessions Featured at the Student Success Summit (October 2016)

PDF icon Guided Pathways Cohort I:  Progress and Success (September 2016)

PDF icon Lessons Learned from Michigan's Project Win-Win (September 2016)

PDF icon Project Win-Win Practice Guide (September 2016)

PDF icon Tracking Transfer:  June Issue (June 2016)

PDF icon Tracking Transfer:  May Issue (May 2016)

PDF icon Tracking Transfer:  April Issue (April 2016)

PDF icon Using Multiple Measures for Placement in College Composition (April 2016)

PDF icon Using Multiple Measures for Placement in Mathematics (April 2016)

PDF icon Forging New Pathways: The Impact of the Breaking Through Initiative in Michigan (November 2012) 

PDF icon Autonomy and Innovation: Systemic Change in a Decentralized State (October 2012)