COVID 19 Resources

Reopening Strategies

Fall Reopening Strategies Meetings (May 27th and June 10th)

Student with mask onGeneral Resources

American College Health Association (ACHA)
Considerations for Reopening Institutions of Higher Ed in the COVID-19 Era

CDC Considerations for Institutions fo Higher Education
Dow Return to Work Playbook
Lear Return to Work Playbook
MICU Playbook for COVID-19 Response & Reopening
Report of the Higher Ed Subcommittee - Reopen Connecticut
Spectrum Health Employer Resources During COVID-19

Example Reopening Strategies

Bay College Return to Workplace Plan (5/28/20)
Grand Rapids Community College Phase Plan (5/20/2020)
Kellogg Community College Online Reopening Plan
Kent County Back to Work
Muskegon Community College 6 Phases COVID-19 Pandemic Plan (5/5/2020)
Notre Dame Campus Reopening
West Shore Community College Reopening Plan