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Corequisite Remediation Resources

An Equity Imperative

MCSS is committed to helping colleges increase the number and percentage of marginalized students who successfully complete gateway courses in English and mathematics through the redesign of developmental education and placement processes. Recent research shows conclusively that, despite all of our good intentions, traditional prerequisite developmental courses hinder students’ progress and raise, rather than lower, barriers to gateway, college-level, transferable course completion. We support the Michigan colleges who, along with increasing numbers of institutions nationwide, are transitioning from a prerequisite paradigm of remediation to a new paradigm, placing the vast majority of students directly into gateway, transfer-level courses accompanied by enhanced and integrated support.  These colleges are adopting policies, practices, and procedures that are designed to eliminate structural inequities, recognize and address implicit bias, and promote equitable course completion. Please see below for relavant reports and resources from our national partners.


Recent Publications Linking Equity and Developmental Education Redesign

PDF icon  Equitable Value: Promoting Economic Mobility and Social Justice through Postsecondary Education (May 2021)

PDF iconSolving for Equity: Design and Implementation of New Postsecondary Math Pathways (May 2021)

PDF icon No Room for Doubt: Moving Corequisite Support from Idea to Imperative (April 2021)

PDF icon ECS 50 State Assessment Comparison (April 2021)