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Mott Community College jumps into program easing transfer for students from community colleges to universities.

Posted: 3/6/2014 - 04:03 PM

All 28 community colleges and the majority of universities have signed on to the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). For all schools that sign the MTA, there won't be a question if credits for core classes will transfer. Under the current statewide agreement, participating schools could make exceptions. That will not be the case for the MTA. Starting in the fall of 2014, students who enroll in a community college as a transfer student will have to complete the following under the MTA:

  • Successfully complete 30 credits with at least a 2.0 in each course. Credits should include:

o   One course in English composition.

o   A second course in English composition or one course in communications.

o   One course in mathematics.

o   Two courses in social sciences (from two disciplines).

o   Two courses in humanities and fine arts (from two disciplines, excluding studio and performance classes).Two courses in natural sciences, including one with laboratory experience (from two different disciplines).


Once a community college signs off that a student qualifies through the MTA they will not be required to retake those core classes at a state university or college.


For the article, please click here.


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