The Board of Directors of MCCA shall consist of a trustee director and the chief administrative officer of each member college.

  Member College President Trustee
Alpena Community College    
Dr. Don MacMaster

Mrs. Florence Stibitz
Bay College    
Dr. Laura L. Coleman

Mr. Philip Strom
Delta College    
Dr. Jean Goodnow

Mr. Michael Rowley
Glen Oaks Community College    
Dr. David Devier

Mr. Bruce Gosling
Gogebic Community College    
Interim President Erik Guenard

Mr. Thomas Brown
Grand Rapids Community College    
Dr. Bill Pink

Ms. Kathleen Bruinsma
Henry Ford College    
Dr. Russell Kavalhuna

Dr. J. Michael Meade
Jackson College    
Dr. Daniel Phelan

Mr. John Crist
Kalamazoo Valley Community College    
Dr. Marshall Washington

Ms. Mary Gustas
Kellogg Community College    
Mr. Mark O’Connell

Mr. Jonathan Byrd
Kirtland Community College    
Dr. Thomas Quinn

Ms. Mary Ann Ferrigan
Lake Michigan College    
Dr. Trevor Kubatzke

Ms. Debra Johnson
Lansing Community College    
Dr. Brent Knight

Mr. Robert Proctor
Macomb Community College    
Dr. James Sawyer

Katherine Lorenzo
Mid Michigan College    
Christine M. Hammond, Ph.D.

Mr. Douglas Jacobson
Monroe County Community College    
Dr. Kojo Quartey

Ms. Mary Kay Thayer
Montcalm Community College    
Mr. Robert Ferrentino

Mr. Robert Martson
Mott Community College    
Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea

Ms. Anne Figueroa
Muskegon Community College    
Dr. Dale Nesbary

Ms. Ann Oakes
North Central Michigan College    
Dr. David Roland Finley

Melissa Keiswetter
Northwestern Michigan College    
Mr. Tim Nelson

Mr. Chris Bott
Oakland Community College    
Mr. Peter Provenzano

Ms. Pamela Jackson
Schoolcraft College    
Dr. Conway Jeffress

Ms. Joan Gebhardt
Southwestern Michigan College    
Dr. David Mathews

Thomas Jerdon
St. Clair County Community College    
Dr. Deborah Snyder

Dr. Karen Niver
Washtenaw Community College    
Dr. Rose Bellanca

Diana McKnight-Morton
Wayne County Community College District    
Dr. Curtis L. Ivery, Chancellor

Ms. Mary Ellen Stempfle
West Shore Community College    
Mr. Scott Ward

Mr. Bruce Smith
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