Senate and House Appropriations Committees to Meet: Tomorrow, April 25, the Senate Appropriations Committee on Community Colleges will take up the Senate Subcommittee recommendation for community colleges for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, Senate Bill 134 (Booher). As a reminder, under SB 134 community colleges would see a 1% increase, totaling $3.2 million. Of that amount, $1.8 million was put through the traditional funding formula, benefiting all 28 colleges. The remaining $1.4 million was split among 11 colleges to ensure that every college sees at least a 2.5% increase from the current year when combining the funds resulting from the Personal Property Tax situation and the funds the subcommittee added in the budget. The Senate Subcommittee concurred with the Governor's recommendation to reinstate funding for the Independent Part Time Student Grant, and with the funding recommended for upgrades to the Michigan Transfer Network.  Also tomorrow, the House Appropriations Committee will meet to discussHouse Bill 4236 (Afendoulis). HB 4236 concurs with Governor Snyder's recommendation to leave Fiscal Year 2017-2018 funding for community at the same level currently appropriated. HB 4236 as reported does not include funding for either the Michigan Transfer Network upgrades or the Independent Part Time Student Grants.

Needed Advocacy: At the MCCA Board of Directors meeting on March 24, the Board voted to support Senate Bill 134. Please contact your legislator to advocate for Senate Bill 134 if you have not done so already.


Committee Examines Substitute Requirements: Schools would potentially have expanded pools of substitute teachers under legislation discussed Thursday at the House Education Reform Committee. Officials are having difficulty filling the need for long-term and short-term substitutes. Under House Bill 4069 (Tedder), those with 60 college credits or an associate's degree would be able to apply for a substitute teaching certificate. The bill would also make the most recent retirees more attractive by eliminating the current requirement that, for those who retired between June 30, 2012, and September 1, 2015, the district pay the unfunded accrued liability portion of their retirement costs in addition to the substitute fee. The Committee did not take a vote on HB 4069.


Senate Subcommittee Discusses Merit Curriculum: Last Thursday, the Senate Education Subcommittee on the Michigan Merit Curriculum heard from outgoing St. Clair Intermediate School District Superintendent Dan DeGrow and former Lieutenant Governor John Cherry. Unfortunately, Mr. DeGrow expressed his opinion that there is "no collaboration" between high schools and postsecondary institutions as to determining what a student needs to know by the time they graduate from high school. Subcommittee members appeared interested in hearing from community colleges and universities for their perspective and the MCCA looks forward to sharing that.




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