Part Time Student Retirement: The Senate Education Committee met on May 1 and unanimously reported Senate Bill 888 (Proos) from committee. As a reminder, SB 888 would clarify that part-time students employed by a college should be exempt from enrollment in the Michigan Public Employees Retirement System if their primary relationship to the college is as a student. The House also began taking up this issue on May 2, with the Financial Liability Committee taking testimony on HB 5679 (Miller). Thank you to Mott Community College President Beverly Walker-Griffea for providing testimony in support of the legislation. We anticipate further action on the House Committee either this week or next.


Personal Property Tax Reimbursements: On May 1, Representative Rob VerHeulen introduced legislation that would change the distribution of payments made under the "bonus" or Tier 3 portion of the personal property tax (PPT) reimbursement formula. Unlike the Governor's proposal, HB 5908 would move toward basing those reimbursements on fiscal year equated students. The bill may come up for a first hearing as soon as this coming week, but that has yet to be determined. The MCCA Legislative Committee discussed this issue at their Friday call, and the Presidents will be further discussing a potential MCCA response at their May meeting later this week.


Budget Recommendations Advance: The Senate approved its Fiscal Year 2018-2019 recommendations for community colleges last week, following House action the prior week. Both chambers include a 1% funding increase for community colleges, but the House and Senate differ as to whether to disburse that increase through the performance funding formula or through a method similar to what was done during the current fiscal year. The May Revenue Estimating Conference will take place on May 16.


Sexual Assault Legislation: The House Law and Justice Committee continued hearings last week on several bills that would implement changes prompted by the House investigation into Michigan State University's handling of complaints against former doctor Larry Nassar. Of note to community colleges, the Committee heard testimony on House Bill 5659 (Griffin), which would make some college employees mandatory reporters for suspected child abuse, and House Bill 5796 (Pagan), which would enhance training for mandatory reporters. This coming week the Committee will take up House Bills 5792, encouraging colleges to create sexual assault improvement plans, and 5795, creating a higher education ombudsman in the Department of Civil Rights.




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