Part Time Student Retirement Returns: On Tuesday, September 25, Representative Scott VanSingel introduced House Bill 6378, which would follow up on the report that was required this summer by Senate Bill 888. The bill would open an election window for individuals that the Office of Retirement Systems sees as erroneously left out of the retirement system to self-report and request service credit. As well, it would require institutions who did not include students that ORS considers to be part time to make payments that would cover the unfunded accrued liability portion of retirement costs going all the way back to 2001, when the system was last fully funded.

The next day, the House Financial Liability Committee held a hearing on HB 6378. Several colleges either were able to attend or reached out to legislators to help them understand the impact HB 6378 would have on their institutions. At this time, Committee Chair Thomas Albert has announced his intent to continue working with colleges in hopes of reaching a compromise. MCCA staff do not expect HB 6378 to come up again in committee this coming week.


ORS Report Released: On Friday, September 28, the Office of Retirement Services released the report required by Senate Bill 888 in regards to student workers who were not previously reported to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS).


Hearing on New Jobs Training: Although the Committee has not yet released an official notice, MCCA staff expect that this coming Wednesday, October 3, the House Appropriations Committee will take testimony and hopefully vote on House Bill 5697 (Afendoulis), which would extend bonding authority within the Michigan New Jobs Training Program out to December 31, 2023. Currently, that authority is set to expire December 31 of this year.


State Grant Program for Sexual Assault Prevention: Applications are being accepted from all Michigan colleges and universities for a slice of $1 million in grant funding to support ongoing efforts to reduce sexual assaults on campuses across Michigan. This is the fourth year of grant funding through the Campus Sexual Assault Grant Program. The deadline for applications is October 8.




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