MCCA Supports Governor's Proposals: This week the MCCA Board of Directors made a strong statement in favor of several of the Governor's proposals. The Board unanimously voted in favor of the following position:

  • Support the Governor's statewide attainment goal of 60 percent college attainment by the year 2030.
  • Support the Governor's proposed MI Reconnect and MI Opportunity Scholarship programs.
  • Be involved in the design and implementation process of an integrated and state funded system of supporting resources and policies to achieve the attainment goal.
  • Continue to play a leadership role to increase the state's educational attainment level.

Appropriations Subcommittee Testimony Continues: The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education and Community Colleges continued testimony this week, hearing from the MCCA, the Michigan Association of State Universities, and Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities.

As well, the Senate continued its hearing process this week with testimony from the Michigan Association of State Universities and Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities.

Minimum Wage Increase Changes Take Effect March 29: The increase in Michigan's minimum wage from $9.25 per hour to $9.45 per hour takes effect Friday, March 29, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said Wednesday in a release. Under the changes, employers will still be able to pay minors age 16 and 17 at a rate of 85 percent of the minimum wage, with the rate increasing from $7.86 per hour to $8.03 per hour. The training wage that may be paid to new hires during the first 90 days of employment remains unchanged for employees age 16 to 19 a wage of $4.25 per hour.

The 38 percent rate for tipped employees effective March 29 increases from $3.52 per hour to $3.59 per hour.

Legislature Heads Into Spring Break: The House and Senate both adjourned Thursday for a legislative spring break. Both chambers will return to their normal session schedule the week of April 8.

Bills to Watch: See a quick list of all the bills relevant to community colleges on the MCCA website.




Michigan Legislature’s website (bill tracking and committee meetings)

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