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$2B Problem Barreling Toward State Budget: With diversions from the General Fund and potential cuts at the federal level, the Legislature could be forced to make some tough choices with no new revenue sources expected, particularly if the state suffers another economic downturn, the Citizens Research Council of Michigan said in a report released last week. Scheduled diversions from the General Fund include the transportation plan passed two years ago by the Legislature, personal property tax reimbursements to local governments and schools and the expansion of the Homestead Property Tax Credit, among other things. The report said the diversions and losses could be between $2 and $5 billion by 2022, which is 20 to 45% of the current General Fund.


Primary Election Approaches: A relatively sparse ballot faces voters this week with relatively few local governments and school districts holding elections, though there are 55 proposed millage increases and 59 millage renewal proposals up for votes. Voters in the 1st and 109th House Districts will vote in special election primaries to fill vacancies in the Michigan House of Representatives. A number of local governments will hold elections as well. An analysis of ballot questions across the state showed the dominant type of proposal to be public safety millage requests. In addition, there are 18 proposals to raise or renew millages for roads. There are just eight school bond proposals for school infrastructure, most of them small. Other millage increase proposals include three library millage increases, two increases for parks and recreation, four for senior services and seven for school sinking funds.


Legislature on Recess: Neither the House nor the Senate convened for legislative session last week as members are at work back in their districts. Both chambers are scheduled for a single session day on August 16, but regular sessions will not resume until after Labor Day.




Michigan Legislature’s website (bill tracking and committee meetings)

Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan Senate

Community College Legal Authority (Michigan Constitution)

Community College Act of 1966


For the map of the community college districts, click here.


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