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Budget Subcommittee Recommendation: The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Community Colleges met on April 11 to report its Fiscal Year 2018-2019 recommendation. Like the House, the Senate recommendation adds a 1% funding increase for community colleges, but would disburse that increase through a method similar to what was done during the current fiscal year, rather than distributing the entire increase through the performance funding formula. As a reminder, the House Subcommittee met on March 22 and reported its Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget recommendations with an overall 1% increase for colleges to be distributed through the performance funding formula.


Sexual Assault Legislation: On April 12, several bills were introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives that would implement changes prompted by the House investigation into Michigan State University's handling of complaints against former doctor Larry Nassar. Three of the bills (House Bills 5792, 5795, and 5796) would have implications for community colleges, encouraging colleges to create sexual assault improvement plans, creating a higher education ombudsman in the Department of Civil Rights, and enhancing training for mandatory reporters. MCCA staff have already met with Rep. Singh and are expecting changes to HB 5795. The House Law and Justice Committee is expected to begin hearings on April 17 to consider these new suggestions, as well as legislation (Senate Bills 871 - 877) sent over from the Senate that would strengthen penalties in sexual assault or abuse cases and eliminate government immunity while lengthening the statute of limitations for civil cases where a minor was sexually abused.


Replacing the Activity Classification Structure: The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) organized a workgroup with officials from several community colleges as well as the MCCA, State Budget Office, and the House and Senate fiscal agencies to develop a more efficient and aligned data collection system to replace the former Activity Classification Structure (ACS) and Tuition and Fees data collections. The new Michigan Postsecondary Data Inventory (MPDI) application will replace the ACS and now house the Michigan Community College Postsecondary Data Inventory (MCCDI) and the Tuition and Fees data collections. All reports developed through these data collections will be published on the MI School Data website ( Please direct questions to or call 517-335-0505 x3.

Available Training: CEPI is collaborating with Lansing Community College, Henry Ford College and Northwestern Michigan College to provide three regional training sessions. Registration details soon forthcoming for the following sessions: May 24 from 8 AM to noon at Henry Ford College; June 21 from 8 AM to noon at Northwestern Michigan College; and June 27 from 8 AM to noon at Lansing Community College.




Michigan Legislature’s website (bill tracking and committee meetings)

Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan Senate

Community College Legal Authority (Michigan Constitution)

Community College Act of 1966


For the map of the community college districts, click here.


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