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Community colleges contribute data for the State of Michigan MiEducation Dashboard.


Tuition and fees as a percent of median family income
Why it Matters: Affordability continues to be one of the most significant barriers to enrollment in Michigan higher education institutions. This metric describes the cost of a college or university education relative to the economic position of Michigan's citizens. This measure includes only the cost of in-state tuition and fees for one year. It does not include the cost of room and board.

Community college students who require developmental courses
Why it Matters: This is the percentage of enrolled students that require any developmental education (math or English/reading) based upon the institution's placement testing. Many underprepared students place into developmental math or English, and this is an important input variable insofar as it provides a context to the data from which the college is being evaluated.

Community college retention rate
Why it Matters: This is the percent of students that were enrolled in the first fall term and are still enrolled in the next full academic term. Research has indicated that the first year is critical for all college students. For community colleges specifically, students are often lost after their first term. Therefore, fall to next term retention is the most relevant and useful indicator for community colleges.

Community college completion/graduation/transfer rate
Why it Matters: This rate represents the percentage of students who successfully completed a degree, earned a certificate or transferred to another institution within six years. Measuring success at the community-college level is complicated. These institutions have diverse missions and student bodies. Students have a wide range of career and academic goals, and more than half are enrolled part time. These factors require a different approach than the methods used for federal reporting requirements. The approach involves a broader definition of success and extends the tracking period to reflect the part-time enrollment of many students.

Population with Associate Degree or higher 
Why it Matters: Graduation at the community college or university level is one measure of the success of our post-secondary education system. High college enrollment and the number of students receiving degrees contribute to the quality of the state's work force.




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