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 Legislative Session Schedule: While both the House and Senate technically reconvened for session on July 16, neither chamber took attendance nor any votes. The House of Representatives is scheduled to meet again on July 30, and both chambers have tentatively scheduled session for August 13. 


Veterans Tuition: On Wednesday, July 16, MCCA staff met with Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville to discuss HJR M (Knezek), the constitutional amendment guaranteeing in-district tuition to all veterans. Senator Richardville seemed to understand our concerns about the resolution and did not indicate any strong desire on his own behalf to move forward on it. That said, the Senate Appropriations Committee could still take up HJR M when they return in August. Many thanks to all of you who have spoken with your senators already; if you have not already reached out, please call your Senator's office as soon as possible to do so. 


Michigan New Jobs Training Program: On July 16, Senator Jansen introduced Senate Bill 1014, which would eliminate the $50 million cap on Michigan New Jobs Training Program (MNJTP) contracts. In addition, on Friday, MCCA staff met with the Michigan Department of Treasury to discuss the impact the scheduled minimum wage increases might have on existing MNJTP contracts. While the department was unable to provide definitive guidance at this point, other states facing this issue have interpreted that contracts must meet the wage requirements in place at the time the contract was signed. It is our hope that Michigan will apply the same interpretation; MCCA staff will keep you all informed as we learn more from Treasury. 


Supporting the PPT Proposal: As a reminder, Michigan Citizens for Strong and Safe Communities, the coalition supporting Proposal 1, is seeking letters to the editor. Proposal 1, which will appear on the August 5 ballot, would implement the recently enacted personal property tax reforms. If you are interested in submitting a Letter to the Editor in support of Proposal 1, please let Erin Schor know that at your earliest convenience. 

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