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Legislative Session Schedule: The House of Representatives has announced that it will not take any votes on October 22. Senate committees are currently scheduled to meet. 


Investment Options Hearing: This coming Wednesday, October 22, the Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to take more testimony and vote on Senate Bill 1088 (Booher), which would expand the range of investment options available to community colleges to include investment grade bonds of the state or any of its political subdivisions. The MCCA supports SB 1088. 


Michigan New Jobs Training Program: One of the MCCA's top legislative priorities for the fall session is passing legislation that would make three adjustments to the Michigan New Jobs Training Program. Senate Bill 1074 (Jansen), which makes those changes, is expected to come up for testimony after the October recess. Many thanks to those colleges who contacted your Senators to express support for the program.

Needed Advocacy: Given the importance of getting this bill passed yet this year, we need to begin our advocacy with the 110 members of the House now so they are prepared to vote when they return. We know that the MEDC will be testifying in opposition, and likely working members hard to stop the bill. Please set up meetings with your Representatives to share with them the information on SB 1074. MCCA staff will also be meeting individually with as many members as we can, but it is critically important that they hear from their community college. As always, it would be very helpful to know of any concerns you hear from members so we can make sure we connect with them to address concerns. A detailed document with our recommended changes is available on the MCCA website


Opportunity...Funding for a Veteran Resource Representative available through MVAA and MCAN: The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, in partnership with the Michigan College Access Network, have announced the launch of the Veteran Education Initiative. The initiative offers educational institutions the opportunity to host a Veteran Resource Representative who will assist student veterans with their benefits and connect them with appropriate institutional, local, state and federal resources as they transition from military to college life. Additionally, as a resource to faculty and staff, Veteran Resource Representatives will be available to answer questions regarding veteran benefits and other concerns. They invite your institution to apply for this opportunity to assist veterans in making successful transitions through college life while attending your institution. Please see the MVAA cover letter and application for additional information. Please note that the deadline to apply is Friday, November 7. 


Reminder...Final Veterans Expo: As a reminder, the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is hosting one more 2014 Michigan Veteran Expo in Detroit November 7-8. The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) is seeking employers, colleges and universities, health care providers, benefits counselors, community resources, service organizations and others to attend and connect with veterans. There is no cost for Community Partners (including colleges) to participate due to grant support. For more details, please visit

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