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Legislative Session Schedule: The House of Representatives is scheduled to reconvene on Wednesday, August 27, and both chambers will start having regular sessions again the week of September 8. The next regular conference call meeting of the MCCA Legislative Committee will take place on Friday, September 5, from 10:00 - 11:00 am, in advance of the fall session. 


Party Conventions Held: Democrats and Republicans held their conventions this weekend. Nominees include:


Lieutenant Governor: Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown

State Board of Education: Incumbent vice president Casandra Ulbrich (also Vice President for College Advancement and Community Relations at Macomb Community College), and Pamela Smith.

University Boards: University of Michigan (Mike Behm and Katherine White); Michigan State University (Faylene Owen and George Perles); Wayne State University (Marilyn Kelly and Dana Thompson)


Lieutenant Governor: Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley

State Board of Education: Maria Carl and Jonathan Williams

University Boards: University of Michigan (Ron Weiser and Rob Steele); Michigan State University (Melanie Foster and Jeff Sakwa); Wayne State University (Michael Busuito and Satish Jasti) 


State to Hold Veterans Expos: As a reminder, in the coming weeks, the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is hosting two more 2014 Michigan Veteran Expos; in Grand Rapids September 5-6 and in Detroit November 7-8. The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) is seeking employers, colleges and universities, health care providers, benefits counselors, community resources, service organizations and others to attend and connect with veterans. There is no cost for Community Partners (including colleges) to participate due to grant support. For more details, please click here


Reminder... Election Town Halls: At the MCCA Summer Conference, Tim Skubick noted that last election cycle, he hosted several election-related town hall meetings on community college campuses across the state; between two hundred and three hundred community and students attended each session. That offer stands again this fall.If you are interested in hosting an election town hall with Tim Skubick, please contact Erin Schor at or 517-372-4350.  

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