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The MCSS hosts multiple events, webinars and meetings throughout the year.  Archived webinarsevent materials, and other publications are available on the MCSS website.  The Guided Pathways Resource Repository includes resources that the MCSS has collected for colleges that are implementing Guided Pathways.  

Guided Pathways 2.0 Institute IV




2019 Scale of Adoption Assessment (SOAA) Process

Please check out the following resources to help you complete the SOAA by March 22 (Mentor Circle) or April 5 (Study Circle).

Webinar: Guided Pathways Practices for Study Circle Colleges (January 24, 2019)

  • Slides
  • Recording (coming soon)

Guided Pathways 2.0 Institute III (November 29, 2018)

Study Circle Webinar with Achieving the Dream (September 20, 2018)

Slides with Notes

2018 Mentor Circle Leads Retreat  (June 27, 2018)

Guided Pathways Institute 2.0 II (April 12, 2018)


Presentation at JFF 2018 Winter State Policy Meeting (January 24, 2018)

After Case-Making:  Getting Started Clarifying Pathways for Students

Materials from GPI 2.0 Institute I (November 30-December 1, 2017 at Macomb)

Guided Pathways Demystified II with NCII (November 13, 2017)  The recording of the webinar can be viewed here and the slides are available here.  The Guided Pathways Demystified I and II are available here.  

Overview of Michigan Guided Pathways Institute 2.0

The next phase of the Michigan Guided Pathways Institute will be a three year effort focused on guided pathways and advising redesign.  Colleges will have the opportunity to participate in one of two learning communities--Study or Mentor Circle--and will apply for the circle that is the best fit for their college. Slides from the overview on September 28th are available here

Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Administration (June 20, 2017)  The recording of the event can be viewed here and the slides are available here.  The updated Scale of Adoption self-assessment is available here.  

Guided Pathways Institute (June 8-9, 2017 at Lansing Community College- West)

Implementing Guided Pathways: Early Insights From the AACC Pathways Colleges

By Davis Jenkins, Hana Lahr & John Fink 

This report provides insight into how colleges are planning and implementing “guided pathways” reforms based on the early work of 30 colleges participating in the American Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) Pathways Project. These colleges have committed to redesigning their programs and support services for all incoming students by fall 2018 according to the guided pathways model adopted by AACC based on CCRC’s research.  View the Executive Summary and the full report here.  

Guided Pathways Institute and Michigan Student Success Network Meetings (March 30-31 at Lake Michigan College)

Community College Research Center (CCRC) Guided Pathways Essential Practices: Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment

This tool is designed to help your college assess how far along you are toward adopting essential guided pathways practices at scale. The essential practices listed are examined in CCRC’s recently published book, Redesigning America's Community Colleges: A Clearer Path to Student Success, by Thomas Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars, and Davis Jenkins (Harvard University Press, 2015).  A PDF version is available here.

New Report on Early Momentum from CCRC

In this new brief, Early Momentum Metrics: Why They Matter for College Improvement, the authors propose three measures of “early momentum” that colleges can use to gauge whether institutional reforms are improving student outcomes including Credit momentum—attempting at least 15 semester credits in the first term or at least 30 semester credits in the first academic year; Gateway momentum—taking and passing pathway-appropriate college-level math and college-level English in the first academic year; and Program momentum—taking and passing at least nine semester credits in the student’s field of study in the first academic year.  Research is beginning to show that these near-term metrics predict long-term success. In addition, these metrics focus attention on initial conditions at colleges that are particularly important for solidifying the foundation for student success. 

Guided Pathways Cohort II with CCRC (February 14, 2017)  The recording of the event can be viewed here and the slides are available here.  

A Strategic Outreach and Intervention Plan (November 1, 2016)  The recording of the event can be found here.  Slides for the session can be downloaded here.

GPI Webinar - Catalog Management Solutions for Guided Pathways (September 13, 2016).  The recording of the event can be found here.

Guided Pathways Cohort I:  Progress and Success (September 2016)

A summary of the progress and success of the 12 colleges that participated in Cohort I of the Guided Pathways Institute and the extent to which they adopted the essential practices of Guided Pathways at scale. 

Guided Pathways Institute and Michigan Student Success Network (April 21-22, 2016)

AACC Pathways Project (February 16, 2016).  The recording of the webinar can be found here.

Guided Pathways Institute – Designing Pathways Convening (April 23, 2015)

Guided Pathways Facilitator Training (February, 27 2015)

Guided Pathways Orientation Institute (December 3-4, 2014)

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