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Spring MSSN Meeting: Embedding Active Learning in MiTransfer Pathway Courses

This meeting will focus on embedding active learning strategies within introductory course sequences in the MiTransfer Pathway programs in Biology (Chemistry faculty welcome also), Communication and Psychology. All colleges may send up to 6 faculty members, Teaching/Learning Center Directors and academic administrators to this meeting at Grand Rapids Community College from 9:00 am-3:00pm. Register.

2019 Regional Faculty Conversations: Improving Student Learning in Guided Pathways

The 2019 Regional Faculty Conversations will focus on how to leverage Guided Pathways practices to improve student learning in programs of study from gateways to capstones.

May 21: Kirtland Community College 10 am-2 pm Register

May 22:  Henry Ford College 10 am-2 pm Register

May 23: Kalamazoo Valley Community College 10 am-2 pm Register


Michigan Student Success Network Meetings

July 10, 2019: Montcalm Community College








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