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Center for Global Initiatives

MCCA’s Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) unifies efforts among Michigan colleges to keep pace with globalization and to graduate students prepared to succeed in the 21st century workplace. The community and industry needs and strategic interests vary greatly across the state, which has led to a range in the development of international partnerships and engagement opportunities undertaken at each institution. The Center provides a sharing mechanism for knowledge, resources, and expertise gained through global engagement at one college to impact the others positively, and to ensure that international visitors and students find the most suitable partnerships and opportunities within the state.

To Achieve this, the Center:

  • Serves as an entry point to Michigan’s community colleges for international projects, foundation-supported activities, partnerships, and delegations to Michigan.
  • Fosters long-term relationships and partnerships on behalf of the community colleges to create a network and easier access to real international opportunities that benefit Michigan, the local communities, and institutions alike.
  • Connects regions around the globe to Michigan community colleges for stateside and/or overseas programming (English as a Second Language, technical/skills training).
  • Facilitates networking and professional development for interested community colleges on international programming and outreach.
  • Raises resources from foundations, private and governmental agencies to support the community colleges in programming and activities.

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