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The Michigan Center for Student Success coordinates a range of initiatives and activities with Michigan community colleges. These initiatives periodically result in publications that highlight the activities of Michigan colleges. Below are publications that have been released in the past several years: 

This brief highlights the work of 60 institutions across the country working to reengage students who are “near completers” that are no longer enrolled but have earned (or are close to earning) their associates degree. Nine Michigan collegeshave participated in this initiative over the past two years and the result has been 1,087 additional degrees being awarded in our state alone.

This report examines the policy context for the 12 states (including Michigan) involved in the Credit When It's Due (reverse transfer) initiative as well as summarizes the analysis of baseline data provided by each state.

This brief explores Student Success Centers that are serving as important new vehicles in several states, like Michigan, to support college efforts to improve student completion.

This brief examines whether Breaking Through strategies have taken root in Michigan and spread beyond the original colleges participating in that initiative. Drawing on a statewide survey and interviews with early Breaking Through colleges, this brief highlights several important themes such as the importance of scaling up from “boutique” programs to serve more students; the need to create clear pathways between noncredit workforce training and credit programs; the significance of investment in up front services such as skill assessments and career guidance, and the role of workforce training programs in incubating student success strategies.

This report focuses on the experiences of the seven early Achieving the Dream (ATD) colleges in Michigan. Drawing from interviews with college presidents, and ATD core team members, the brief describes how college reform efforts have highlighted the need for collective, state-level action to foster collaboration, spread innovation and make effective use of student outcomes data.


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