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MCCA Bills to Watch
Updated December 19, 2014

Bill # Sponsor Description Bill Status
HB 4001 Shirkey Limits charges for replying to a Freedom of Information Act request. 12/19/2014 Ordered Enrolled.
HB 4148 Shirkey Expands authority of community colleges to grant baccalaureate degrees. 10/1/2014 Hearing before House Michigan Competitiveness Committee.
HB 4170 Cotter Amends the Community College Act to eliminate references to city and township boards of canvassers. Public Act 53 of 2013.
HB 4182 Schor Creates an income tax credit against debt incurred to obtain a baccalaureate degree. 5/1/2013 Hearing before House Michigan Competitiveness Committee.
HB 4190 Farrington Addresses stranded costs in MPSERS. 4/25/2013 Hearing before House Financial Liability Reform Committee.
HB 4228 Rogers Appropriates funds to schools, community colleges, and universities for
the 2013-2014 fiscal year.
Public Act 60 of 2013.
HB 4229 Haveman Clarifies MEAP testing for middle/early college students and allows them to use a 5-year graduation for calculating AYP, among other changes. Public Act 130 of 2013.
HB 4255 Farrington Prohibits credit card fees from being passed along to consumers. 4/10/2013 Hearing before House Commerce Committee.
HB 4314 McMillin Creates an Open Government Commission to hear FOIA complaints. 11/12/2013 Hearing before House Oversight Committee.
HB 4318 Johnson Allows community colleges to grant a bachelor of science in nursing. 2/26/2013 Introduced and referred to House Education Committee.
HB 4327 Farrington Allows a Corridor Improvement Authority to reset the baseline for property values after three successive years of losses. Public Act 232 of 2013.
HB 4363 Price Requires physical presence for voting members under Open Meetings Act. 6/10/2014 Reported from Senate Government Operations Committee.
HB 4493 Kesto Adds community college employees to the list of mandatory reporters for suspected child abuse. 2/4/2014 Passed House and referred to Senate Families, Seniors, & Human Services Committee.
HB 4713 Graves Modifies requirements for fire and other safety drills in classrooms and dormitories. Public Act 12 of 2014.
HB 4714 Lori Expands Medicaid eligibility and changes program parameters. Public Act 107 of 2013.
HB 4887 Lauwers Limits elections for millage increases to August and November. 11/12/2013 Hearing before House Ethics & Elections Committee.
HB 5035 Goike Requires colleges to ask applicants about veteran status during admissions process. 12/18/2014 Ordered Enrolled.
HB 5036 Rendon Requires colleges to inform veterans about opportunities to obtain college credit for prior military service. 12/18/2014 Ordered Enrolled.
HB 5210 Schmidt Removes acreage cap on DNR purchases and approves strategic plan. 1/21/2014 Hearing before House Natural Resources Committee.
HB 5313 Haveman Provides omnibus general fund appropriations for fiscal year 2014 - 2015. Public Act 252 of 2014.
HB 5314 Rogers Provides omnibus appropriations for School Aid for fiscal year 2014 - 2015. Public Act 196 of 2014.
HB 5451 Rendon Creates a tuition assistance program for Michigan National Guard members. Public Act 259 of 2014.
HB 5560 Price Allows local governments to shift to online posting of public notices. 12/4/2014 Passed House of Representatives and transmitted to Senate. 
HB 5806 Pscholka Expands ability of community colleges to use performance contracts for energy savings. 12/17/2014 Ordered Enrolled.
HB 5813 Price Allows noncontiguous annexation to community college districts. 9/16/2014 Introduced and referred to House Education Committee.
HB 5856 Kowall Amends Michigan's Downtown Development Authority Act. 9/24/2014 Hearing before House Commerce Committee.
HB's 4133 -4134, 4350 Johnson, Foster, & Leonard Allows retired corrections officers, certain law enforcement & military members, and prosecutors to carry weapons in a weapon-free zone. 12/3/2013 Reported from Senate Judiciary Committee.
HB's 4267 - 4268 Nathan Creates a Detroit college promise fund. 2/19/2013 Introduced and referred to House Tax Policy Committee.
HB's 4465 - 4466 McBroom & Johnson Amends the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Public Acts 208 and 209 of 2014.
HB's 5193 - 5194 McMillin Limits closing an open meeting to discuss pending litigation. 2/18/2014 Hearing before House Oversight Committee.
HCR 11 Kelly Authorizes Michigan to move forward with implementing Common Core State Standards. 10/29/2013 House concurred in Senate amendments.
HJR M Knezek Requires community colleges to charge in-district tuition for active duty military members, national guard members, and honorably discharged veterans. 6/4/2014 Hearing before Senate Appropriations Committee.
HJR UU Haveman Asks voters to adjust sales tax funding, clarifies that School Aid Funds are used for K-12 school, community colleges, and scholarships. 12/19/2014 Passed House and Senate and deposited with Secretary of State.
SB 199 Booher Appropriates funds to community colleges for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. 5/23/2013 Conference report signed.
SB 312 Hansen Amends Promise Zone Authority Act. Public Act 210 of 2013.
SB 323  Caswell Raises the multiplier for individual-and-spouse coverage.

12/5/2013 Re-referred to Senate Reforms, Restructuring, & Reinventing Committee.

SB 395 Caswell Clarifies the Publicly Funded Health Insurance Contribution Act. 5/29/2013 Hearing before Senate Reforms, Restructuring, & Reinventing Committee.
SB 408 Anderson Creates an income tax credit against debt incurred to obtain a baccalaureate degree. 1/8/2014 Re-referred to Senate Appropriations Committee.
SB 761 Booher Provides appropriations for Capital Outlay for fiscal year 2014 - 2015. 12/11/2014 Passed Senate and referred to House Appropriations Committee.
SB 1074 Jansen Eliminates cap on Michigan New Jobs Training Program contracts, removes sunset, addresses minimum wage. 12/19/2014 House reconsidered vote on final passage.
SB 1088 Booher Expands investment options for community colleges. 12/18/2014 Ordered Enrolled.
SB 1142 Jansen Modifies safety drill requirements for colleges and universities. 12/18/2014 Ordered Enrolled.
SB's 61 &
Hune & Smith Allows for merger of a nonprofit health care corporation and a nonprofit mutual disability insurer. Public Acts 3 & 4 of 2013.
SB's 495 - 498 various Addresses unfunded mandates for local governments. 9/24/2014 Reported from Senate Local Government and Elections Committee.
SB's 541 - 545 various Makes clarifications and modifies Public Employer Benefit Act. Public Acts 269 - 273 of 2013.
SB's 722 - 728 various Reforms Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System. 12/3/2014 Hearing before Senate Appropriations Subcommittees.

SB's 745 - 747

Booher/Hansen Sets parameters for concurrent enrollment programs. 5/14/2014 Hearing before Senate Education Committee.
SB's 821 - 830 various Modifies personal property tax reforms passed in 2012. Public Acts 80 - 81 & 86 - 93 of 2014.
SJR DD Nofs Requires School Aid Fund to be used only for school districts and community colleges. 2/4/2014 Introduced and referred to Senate Appropriations Committee.
SR 37 Booher Addresses adjunct faculty hours under Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 6/18/2013 Adopted by Senate.


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