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MCCA Bills to Watch

2017-2018 Session
Updated December 17, 2018


Bill # Sponsor Description Bill Status
IL 2 N/A Repeals prevailing wage requirements. Public Act 171 of 2018.
IL 3 N/A Mandates paid sick leave benefits. Public Act 338 of 2018.
IL 4 N/A Increases Michigan's minimum wage. Public Act 337 of 2018.
HB 4001 Chatfield Rolls back individual income tax rate until it reaches 0%. 2/23/2017 Defeated on House floor.
HB 4002 VerHeulen Revises public notice requirements for local governments. 1/11/2017 Introduced and referred to House Local Government Committee.
HB 4069 Tedder Modifies the number of credits required to serve as a substitute teacher. Public Act 236 of 2018.
HB 4077 Kesto Prohibits a public body from commencing a lawsuit against an entity that submits a FOIA request. 3/16/2017 Passed House and referred to Senate Government Operations Committee.
HB 4184 Theis Requires physical presence in order to vote under the Open Meetings Act. 5/31/2017 Passed House and referred to Senate Elections and Government Reform Committee.
HB 4313 Kelly Appropriates school aid, community college, and higher education budgets for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Public Act 108 of 2017.
HB 4323 Cox Appropriates general fund budget, including 2016-17 capital outlay authorizations. Public Act 107 of 2017.
HB 4457 Iden Expands financing options for college and university energy improvement projects. Public Act 133 of 2017.
HB's 4545 & 4546 Ellison & Howell Clarifies college access to student wage data. Public Acts 72 & 73 of 2018.
HB 4581 Reilly Regulates campus free speech. 5/3/2017 Introduced and referred to House Oversight Committee.
HB 4735 Miller Allows limited dual enrollment in out-of-state institutions. Public Act 11 of 2018.
HBs 4814 - 4815 Albert/Lilly Limits millage questions to the November general election. 1/25/2018 Hearing before House Elections & Ethics Committee.
HB 5563 Inman Provides for capital outlay for Fiscal Year 2018-2019. 2/14/2018 Introduced and referred to House Appropriations Committee.
HB 5579 Kelly Appropriates school aid, community college, and higher education budgets for Fiscal Year 2018-2019. Public Act 265 of 2018.
HB 5697 Afendoulis Extends the sunset on bonding under the Michigan New Jobs Training Program. Public Act 376 of 2018.
HBs 5792, 5795, 5796 various Encourages colleges to develop sexual assault improvement plans, provides grants; creates higher education ombudsman; requires enhanced training for mandatory reporters. 6/7/2018 Reported from Senate Judiciary Committee.
HB 5908 VerHeulen Modifies distribution of personal property tax reimbursements. Public Act 248 of 2018.
HB 6348 VerHeulen Modifies distribution of personal property tax reimbursements. 12/12/2018 Reported from Senate Appropriations Committee.
HB 6378 VanSingel Addresses payments for student workers excluded from MPSERS. 12/13/2018 Passed Senate and returned to House for concurrence.
HJR P Runestad Authorizes Legislature to regulate campus free speech. 2/15/2018 Reported from House Oversight Committee.
SB 98 Ananich Increases the number of authorized Promise Zones. Public Act 150 of 2017.
SB 249 Shirkey Prohibits educational entities from putting limits on the sale or use of buildings Public Act 98 of 2017.
SB 259 Hildenbrand Revises eligibility requirements for the Independent Part Time Student Grant. 5/10/2017 Reported from Senate Appropriations Committee.
SB 260 Hildenbrand Extends State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement. Public Act 99 of 2017.
SBs 349 - 350 Colbeck Regulate campus free speech and create a state authority to oversee campus free speech. 5/26/2017 Hearing before Senate Judiciary Committee.
SB 401 Pavlov Moves new school employees to a defined benefit retirement plan. Public Act 92 of 2017.
SB 586 Shirkey Prohibits community colleges and other local governments from regulating weapons. 11/8/2017 Passed Senate and referred to House Judiciary Committee.
SB 748 Brandenburg Increases personal exemption and decouples from federal exemption. Public Act 38 of 2018.
SBs 795 - 796 Knollenberg Prohibits public employers from paying for time used to conduct union business, excludes such time from retirement credit calculations. 12/6/2018 Reported from House Education Reform Committee.
SB 851 Booher Provides for community college appropriations for Fiscal Year 2018-2019. 6/5/2018 Conference Report signed.
SBs 871 - 872 various Amends statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct. Public Acts 182 & 183 of 2018.
SB 888 Proos Clarifies treatment of part-time student employees related to MPSERS. Public Act 328 of 2018.
SB 897 Shirkey Institutes a work requirement to receive Medicaid benefits. Public Act 208 of 2018.
SBs 941 - 942 Hildenbrand/ Hansen Create and implement the Marshall Plan for Talent. Public Acts 227 & 228 of 2018.
SB 1127 Schmidt Amends the filing deadline for certain community college trustee candidates. 12/6/2018 Passed Senate and referred to House Agriculture Committee.
SB 1199 Stamas Modiifies hard cap issue date deadline for public employee benefits. 12/6/2018 Passed Senate and referred to House Michigan Competititveness Committee.
SB 1205 Pavlov Lowers employee threshold for public employers to receive claims utilization and cost information. 12/6/2018 Passed Senate and referred to House Education Reform Committee.
SB 1209 Pavlov Amends calculation of caps for public employee health benefits. 12/6/2018 Defeated on Senate floor.
SB 1260 Meekhof Requires biannual election of bargaining representatives for public employees. 12/5/2018 Reported from Senate Michigan Competititveness Committee.




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