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MCCA Bills to Watch
Updated October 21, 2016


Bill # Sponsor Description Bill Status
HB 4013 Kelly Allows certain individuals with a personal protection order to bring a weapon into a weapon-free zone. 1/15/2015 Introduced and referred to House Judiciary Committee.
HB 4052 Poleski Prohibits local governments from establishing wage and benefit policies. Public Act 105 of 2015.
HB 4095 Pscholka Authorizes planning for two community college and one university capital outlay projects. Public Act 241 of 2015.
HB 4110 Pscholka Modifies School Aid Appropriations for 2014-2015 fiscal year. Public Act 5 of 2015.
HB 4115 Pscholka Appropriates School Aid funds for fiscal year 2015-2016. Public Act 85 of 2015.
HB 4182 Price Requires physical presence in order to cast a vote under the Open Meetings Act. 10/22/2015 Passed Senate and returned to House for concurrence.
HB 4183 Price Modifies public notice requirements. 6/18/2015 Failed vote on House floor.
HB 4261 Schor Prohibits openly carrying guns in certain areas. 2/26/2015 Introduced and referred to House Judiciary Committee.
HB 4265 Price Allows noncontiguous annexation to a community college district. 5/19/2015 Referred to Senate Education Committee. 
HB's 4271 - 4276 various Eliminates the February regular election date. Public Acts 98 - 102 of 2015.
HB's 4553 - 4558 various Make technical amendments to the personal property tax reforms. Public Acts 119 - 124 of 2015.
HB's 4750 - 4751 Potvin Allows ISDs to enter into New Jobs Training Program contracts. 4/14/2016 Reported from House Workforce and Talent Development Committee.
HB 4853 Tedder Increases fee for motorcycle safety training courses. Public Act 22 of 2016.
HB 4904 McBroom Clarifies that the presidential primary date is a regular election date. Public Act 197 of 2015.
HB 4944 Townsend Allows local governments to determine open carry weapons policies. 10/6/2015 Introduced and referred to House Judiciary Committee.
HB 5219 Lyons Describes how a public entity may communicate about ballot questions. 2/23/2016 Passed House and referred to Senate Elections and Government Reform Committee.
HB 5294 Pscholka Appropriates 2016-2017 general funds, including capital outlay projects Public Act 268 of 2016.
HB 5578 Maturen Amends the Tax Tribunal Act to provide guidance on commercial valuations. 6/9/2016 Passed House and referred to Senate Finance Committee.
HB 5594 Townsend Amends cap on Michigan New Jobs Training Program Contacts. 4/26/2016 Introduced and referred to House Appropriations Committee.
HB's 5611- 5612 Farrington Prohibits colleges that offer baccalaureate programs from levying property taxes. 5/25/2016 Reported from House Tax Policy Committee.
HB's 5763-5764 Townsend/ Howell Allows colleges to match student data to wage records. 6/9/2016 Introduced and referred to House Commerce and Trade Committee.
HB's 5744-5747 Nesbitt Modifies regular statewide election schedule to March, June, and November. 9/21/2016 Hearing before House Elections Committee.
HB 5826 Kesto Prohibits a public body from suing someone who files a FOIA request. 9/22/2016 Passed House and transmitted to Senate.
HB's 5851- 5856 various Increases reporting requirements for tax increment finance authorities and implement penalties for noncompliance. 9/21/2016 Reported from House Local Government Committee.
HJR D Hughes Requires community colleges to charge in-district tuition for active military and honorably discharged veterans. 1/15/2015 Introduced and referred to House Appropriations Committee.
SB 3 Robertson Repeals prevailing wage law for state projects. 5/14/2015 Passed Senate and referred to House Commerce and Trade Commitee.
SB's 36 - 38 Booher/ Hansen Sets parameters for concurrent enrollment. 1/27/2015 Introduced and referred to Senate Education Committee.
SB 69 Booher Amends and updates Michigan New Jobs Training Program. Public Act 130 of 2015.
SB's 70 - 71 Pavlov/ MacGregor Amends and updates Michigan New Jobs Training Program. 11/4/2015 Hearing before House Appropriations Committee.
SB 98 Shirkey Expands authority for community colleges to offer baccalaureate degrees. 6/17/2015 Reported from Senate Commerce Committee.
SB 102 Pavlov Creates a defined contribution plan for new MPSERS members. 2/11/2015 Introduced and referred to Senate Appropriations Committee.
SB 221 Schuitmaker Creates the Higher Education Authorization and Distance Education Reciprocal Exchange Act. Public Act 45 of 2015.
SB 279 Knollenberg Prohibits computing MPSERS retirement allowance using professional services leave or release time. 11/10/2015 Passed Senate and referred to House Appropriations Committee.
SB 280 Knollenberg Prohibits public employer contracts that pay officials for time conducting union business. 11/10/2015 Passed Senate and referred to House Commerce and Trade Committee.
SB's 442 & 561 Green/ Meekhof Prohibit open carrying of weapons in certain areas but allow concealed weapons. 10/13/2015 Reported from Senate Judiciary Committee.
SB 461 Colbeck Restores the Michigan Income Tax credit for donations to colleges and universities. 2/2/2016 Reported from Senate Finance Committee.
SB's 539 & 540 Hansen/ Ananich Expands and modifies Promise Zones. Public Acts 9 - 10 of 2016.
SB 571 Kowall Modifies multiple campaign finance provisions. Public Act 269 of 2015. Permanently barred from enforcement.
SB 801 Hildenbrand Appropriates Fiscal Year 201-2017 funds for community colleges, higher education, and School Aid. Public Act 249 of 2016.
SB 826 Colbeck Prohibits Michigan from continuning with Common Core State Standards and sets new academic standards. 4/26/2016 Reported from Senate Education Committee.
SB 999 Ananich Allows the City of Flint to create a Promise Zone. 10/20/2016 Passed Senate and transmitted to House.
SB 1026 Horn Addresses tax increment financing. 10/18/2016 Passed Senate and referred to House Local Government Committee.




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