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Final Agenda

Detailed Session Descriptions

Presenter Bios



Openning Session: Michigan Center for Student Success Update (Slides

Keynote Address: Improving Student Success through Guided Pathways (Slides)

Discussion Sessions I

  • Special Delivery: Collaborating w/Community Partners to Integrate Support Services for Students (Handout)
  • Increasing Completion: Conferring Degrees using Project Win-Win Principles (Slides and Handout)
  • Shaping Student Success Leveraging Technology Solutions: The Guided Digital Pathway Tool
  • Advancing Career and College Readiness in Michigan: Stakeholder Input (Slides)
  • Aligning National Frameworks & Toolkits with Statewide, Grassroots Career Pathway Strategies
  • Turning Knowledge into Success (Slides)
  • Successful Student On-boarding for Long Term Success
  • Sponsored Session – Burning Glass Technologies

Discussion Sessions II

  • Looking Back to the Future: Customizing the ALP to Promote Student Success at LCC and KVCC (Slides)
  • Reinventing the Student Entry Process through Distributed Leadership
  • MAT2 “Coopetition:” Partnership of Competitors to Achieve a Common Goal and Support Student Success in the Workforce
  • Wrapping Our Heads Around Poverty and Equity: One Campus's Journey (Slides)
  • Leveraging Video Technologies to Improve Student Engagement and Increase Active Learning
  • Credit When It’s Due: Lessons Learned about Reverse Transfer and Next Steps (Slides #1 and #2)
  • Faculty Mentor Program: Uniting the Efforts of Faculty and Staff for Student Success (Handout)
  • A Community Conversation: Community Colleges' Role in the Classroom-to-Career Pipeline

Plenary Panel: The Completion Agenda: Where Have We Been & Where are We Going? (Slides)

Discussion Sessions III

  • Liberal Education and America’s Promise: An Emerging Partnership (Slides)
  • ALP Replication Research Project: Implications for ALP Initiatives in Michigan (Slides)
  • Leveraging Analytics to Improve Student Success
  • Street to Completion: Utilizing Existing Support Services to Increase Student Success (Slides)
  • Start-to-Finish: Strategies and Outcomes for Serving Our Least Prepared/Most Vulnerable Students
  • Engaged Academic Literacy for All:  Creating a Michigan Statewide Reading Apprenticeship Community of Practice
  • OCC’s ENG 1060: Reading and Writing Combined with a Career-Focus for Student Success
  • Sponsored Session – College Scheduler, LLC

Discussion Sessions IV

  • Achieving the Dream: The Experience and Interventions at Michigan’s Leader Colleges
  • Small Steps in Technology To Make a Better Connection with Students
  • Multiple Measures Assessment at Lake Michigan College
  • Contextualization + Acceleration = Completion
  • Practical Methods and Issues Using the Michigan P-20 Data System (Slides #1 and #2)
  • Curriculum Alignment: Connecting w/Secondary Teachers through the Intermediate School District
  • Using Nutrition to Enhance Student Performance
  • Sponsored Session – ETS


This is a list of relevant national reports and briefs published on a variety of topics since the 2013 Student Success Summit. In all but a few cases these publications are publicly available and do not require a subscription.

Structured Pathways and Student Completion

Redefining Full-Time in College: Evidence on 15-Credit Strategies. Community College Research Center. September 2014.

Transferability of Postsecondary Credit Following Student Transfer or Co-enrollment. National Center for Education Statistics. August 2014

The Business Case for Regional Public Universities to Strengthen Community College Transfer Pathways. HCM Strategies. July 2014.

Some College, No Degree: A National View of Students with Some College Enrollment, but No Completion. National Student Clearinghouse. July 2014.

Tough Love: Bottom-Line Quality Standards for Colleges. Education Trust. June 2014.

Redesigning the Student Intake and Information Provision Process at a Large Comprehensive Community College. Community College Research Center. June 2014. 

The Statewide Scaling Toolkit for Completion by Design. Jobs for the Future. June 2014. 

The Science of Scale Series. Jobs for the Future. June 2014. North Carolina, Ohio, & Texas.

Students on the Move: How States Are Responding to Increasing Mobility Among Postsecondary Students. Education Commission on the States. May 2014.

Adopting New Technologies for Student Success: A Readiness Framework. Community College Research Center. May 2014.

A Stronger Nation through Higher Education. Lumina Foundation. April 2014.

Student Success Center Toolkit. Jobs for the Future. April 2014. 

Should Community College Students Earn an Associates Degree Before Transferring to a Four-Year Institution? Community College Research Center. April 2014. 

Moving Ahead with Institutional Change: Lessons from the First Round of Achieving the Dream Community Colleges. MDRC. April 2014. 

Behavioral Economics and Social Policy: Designing Innovative Solutions for Programs Supported by the Administration for Children and Families. MDRC. April 2014. 

Driving the Direction of Transfer Pathways Reform. Jobs for the Future. April 2014.  

Promoting Persistence Through Comprehensive Student Supports. Jobs for the Future. March 2014.

Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis: The Community College Route to the Bachelor’s Degree. American Education Research Association. March 2014. 

The Logic of Creating Effective Systemic Change: How Five CBD Case Study Colleges Have Gone About Creating a Culture of Student Success. MDRC. Spring 2014.

Texas Student Success Council: Finding Common Ground to Increase Community College Completion. Jobs for the Future. February 2014. 

Get With the Program ... and Finish It: Building Guided Pathways to Accelerate Student Completion. Community College Research Center. January 2014.  

Learning From High-Performing and Fast-Gaining Institutions. The Education Trust. January 2014.

Pathway Analyses Toolkit. Completion by Design. January 2014.

Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates - Fall 2007 Cohort. National Student Clearinghouse. December 2013.

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Game Changers. Complete College America. October 2013.

Joining Forces: How Student Success Centers are Accelerating Statewide Community College Improvement Efforts. Jobs for the Future. October 2013.

A Matter of Degrees: Engaging Practices, Engaging Students (High-Impact Practices for Community College Student Engagement). Center for Community College Student Engagement. October 2013.

Credit When It’s Due: Results from the Baseline Study. Office of Community College Research and Leadership. October 2013.

Searching for Our Lost Associate’s Degrees: Project Win-Win at the Finish Line. Institute for Higher Education Policy. October 2013.

Project Win-Win at the Finish Line: Issue Brief. Institute for Higher Education Policy. October 2013.

Changing Equations: How Community Colleges are Re-thinking College Readiness in Math. LearningWorks. October 2013. 

The Missing Piece: Quantifying Non-Completion Pathways to Success. LearningWorks, WestEd. October 2013. 

Designing for Completion: The Practice and the Progress of the Completion by Design Initiative. Completion by Design. October 2013. 

Student Success Courses for Sustained Impact. Community College Research Center. September 2013.

What We Know About Nonacademic Student Supports. Community College Research Center. September 2013.

Nudge Nation: A New Way to Prod Students Into and Through College. Education Sector. September 2013.

Improving Developmental Education and On-Ramps to Completion Pathways

Accelerating the Integrated Instruction of Developmental Reading and Writing at Chabot College. Community College Research Center. May 2014

Developmental Education Aligned to the Common Core State Standards: Insights and Illustrations. Community College Research Center. May 2014

Developmental Strategies for College Readiness and Success: What Policymakers and Education Leaders Need to Know. Education Commission of the States. April 2014.

Increasing Access to College-Level Math: Early Outcomes Using the Virginia Placement Exam. Community College Research Center. April 2014. 

CTE Dual Enrollment: A Strategy for College Completion and Workforce Investment. Education Commission of the States. March 2014. 

Core to College Evaluation: Exploring the Use of Multiple Measures for Placement into College-Level Courses. WestEd. March 2014. 

Designing Meaningful Developmental Reform. Community College Research Center. March 2014. 

Beyond Ready, Fire, Aim: New Solutions to Old Problems in College Remediation. AEI Center on Higher Education Reform. March 2014. 

Faculty Inquiry in the Context of Developmental Redesign: Experiences of Six Arkansas Community Colleges. Rose Asera, Ph.D. February 2014. 

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Beyond the GED: Promising Models for Moving High School Dropouts to College. MDRC. January 2014.

Why Students Do Not Prepare for Math Placement Exams: Student Perspective. Community College Research Center. December 2013. 

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Workforce Connections and Labor Market Outcomes

The Medium-Term Labor Market Returns to Community College Awards. Community College Research Center. March 2014.

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Training for Success: A Policy to Expand Apprenticeships in the United States. Center for American Progress. December 2013.

A Skills Beyond School Review of the United States. OECD. 2013. 

Data Analysis and Use

Simplifying Complexity in the Student Experience. Community College Research Center. June 2014. Gathering Data. Using Data. Evaluating a Redesign.

Workforce Results Matter: The Critical Role of Employment Outcome Data in Improving Transparency of Postsecondary Education and Training. Center for Law and Social Policy. April 2014. 

Mapping the Postsecondary Data Domain: Problems and Possibilities. Institute for Higher Education Policy. March 2014. 

Continuous Improvement for College Completion: Arkansas Builds a System-Level Strategy for Community College Student Success. Achieving the Dream. March 2014. 

Cost and Funding Strategies

At What Cost? How Community Colleges That Do Not Offer Federal Loans Put Students At Risk. The Institute for College Access & Success. July 2014.

The Efficacy of Vouchers in Higher Education: The Case of Colorado. Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education. May 2014. 

Efficiency in the Community College Sector. Community College Research Center. March 2014. 

Community College Economics for Policymakers: The One Big Fact and the One Big Myth. Community College Research Center. January 2014. 

Performance-based Funding for Higher Education. National Conference of State Legislatures. March 2014. 

Performance Funding: Impacts, Obstacles, and Unintended Outcomes. Community College Research Center. February 2014.

Demographic and Academic Characteristics of Pell Grant Recipients at Community Colleges. Community College Research Center. November 2013.

Outcomes-Based Funding: The Wave of Implementation. Complete College America. October 2013.

Envisioning Performance Funding Impacts: The Espoused Theories of Action for State Higher Education Performance Funding in Three States. Community College Research Center. August 2013.

The Economic Benefits of Attaining an Associate Degree Before Transfer: Evidence From North Carolina. Community College Research Center. July 2013.

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